Inflation, Intervention & Velocity of Money

Richard Maybury describes himself as “The 2,500-year old man,” referring to his deep study of history (economic & otherwise) and how it repeats today.

Here’s a clipping from the front page of his latest edition of the U.S. & World Early Warning Report, for your enjoyment and enlightenment.


Click to see entire front page.

This is a really worthwhile newsletter, deeply insightful and forward-looking (forecasting trends 4-6 years in advance). He’s also one of the few researches actively tracking the velocity of money. The VoM is an early warning system for the coming DD (double-digit) or even hyper-inflation.



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Obama on MSNBC’s “Hypocrisy Watch”

MSNBC’s “Hypocrisy Watch” featured Obama yesterday. This video details how the gov’t was notified of the controversial AIG bonuses last fall, and had been on TV as late as a week ago defending their inaction.

Once word got out that AIG was using taxpayer monies for multi-million dollar executive bonuses, the Obama team decided to act surprised and incensed.

It sure is nice not having to see Boy George’s mug on the tube 24-7 now, but, really, why couldn’t we Americans have elected an honest man for once? Especially now.

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