Charts: COMEX Gold & Silver

Here are the latest COMEX gold and silver inventory charts. Inventory levels are expressed in millions of ounces: gold at 2,926,697  oz; silver at 70,068,085 oz.




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6 Responses

  1. so how long until the doors are blown off the comex warehouse?

  2. Scott,
    This guy gives an explanation where a good part of the metal came from. I did not find a button for a direct link to the article and copied the key point.
    Let’s see how long this can continue.
    Thursday, April 2, 2009
    *****Did the ECB Save COMEX from Gold Default?*****
    by Eric deCarbonnel

    On Tuesday morning, gold derivatives dealers, who had sold short in the face of a fast rising gold price [evidence of either unbelievable stupidity or gold market manipulation], faced a serious predicament. Some 27,000 + contracts, representing about 15% of the April COMEX gold futures contracts remained open.

    On Tuesday, March 31st, Deutsche Bank (DB) amazed everyone even more, by delivering a massive 850,000 ounces, or 850 contracts worth of the yellow metal.
    The ECB simply states that 35.5 tons were sold, and doesn’t name any names.(…)

  3. couldn’t it be that the gold backwardation is forcing some to sell their gold in the hope to get it back in the future at a lower futures price?

  4. BS…………..pure…………BS

    Anything coming from WS are Washington these days is BS lies…………..

    You got it right-on about “reported”. Those guys would put their own daughter on the street corner for a extra nickel.

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