Straight Talk About Coming Riots

W A R N I N G : Frank talk about race (but not racist) in America. Ed’s writing makes me squirm with discomfort, but what if he’s right?

First, consider these two separate stories, then read Idaho Attorney Edgar Steele’s (a hero) predictions:

##########   O N E   ##########
Tuscon, Arizona, an hour’s drive north of the Mexican border, is coping with a wave of drug crime the police suspect is tied to the bloody battles between Mexico’s drug gangs and the Americans trying to stamp them out.

Sgt. David Azuelo stepped gingerly over the specks of blood on the floor, took note of the bullet hole through the bedroom skylight and turned to his detectives investigating one of the latest home invasions in this southern Arizona city.

A 21-year-old man had been pistol-whipped throughout the house, the gun discharging at one point, as the attackers demanded money, the victim reported. His wife had been bathing their 3-month-old son when the intruders arrived.

“At least they didn’t put the gun in the baby’s mouth like we’ve seen before,” Sergeant Azuelo said. [more]

##########   T W O   ##########
Latinos, Blacks Losing Jobs at a Faster Rate
Last hired, first fired: This generations-old cliche rings bitterly true for millions of Latinos and blacks who are losing jobs at a faster rate than the general population during this punishing recession.

Much of the disparity is due to a concentration of Latinos and blacks in construction, blue-collar or service-industry jobs that have been decimated by the economic meltdown. And black unemployment has been about double the rate for whites since the government began tracking those categories in the early 1970s. [more]

Edgar SteeleNow, from Attorney at Law Edgar J. Steele:

1. The economics disaster now underway will lead to the cutoff of benefits to America’s now-permanent underclass, primarily Blacks and Hispanics, which has been conditioned and bred to expect full support as a right – the entitlement mentality.  With the cutoff of their rightful due, they will do what they always do:  riot and increase their attacks on those whom they view as their oppressors – White people, in other words. 

2.Nationwide rioting will culminate in an open race war in the cities of America, which already has been waged for years, but covered up by the controlled media.  Like the South-Central riots in LA a few years ago, the media will be unable to cover up the coming unpleasantness, which will take place throughout America simultaneously. 

3. As White people form up into roving bands of vigilantes and deliver street justice, just as was done in New Orleans directly following Hurricane Katrina (you didn’t hear about that, did you?), the government will respond, just as it did following Katrina (what did you suppose that door-to-door gun confiscation in New Orleans was all about, anyway?), with the shooting of people in the streets of America by government troops and agents.  This time, however, it will be too widespread to be covered up and kept from the general public.

4. Just as the Boston Massacre and the battle at the Lexington/Concord Bridge (“the shot heard ’round the world”) served to spark the first American Revolution against a tyrannical and oppressive British occupying government, so will the shooting of citizens of every color in the streets by a tyrannical and oppressive American central government lead to the Second American Revolution (third, actually, if you count the War of Northern Aggression from the 1860s that successfully put down the South’s try for independence from Northern tyranny).  That is when I will advocate shooting back, as if such then will be necessary. 

5. I expect government agents of every stripe to be cut down, right and left, throughout America by those who already are too disaffected to be pulled back when the time comes.  Chuck Norris’ “thousands of right-wing cells” will heave into action, demonstrating the profound wisdom of Louis Beam’s foretelling of Leaderless Resistance.

Or, I would advocate shooting back if I could, that is. 
By then, I expect that all who speak out as do I will have been rounded up and sent to the camps already constructed by Halliburton under the pretense of maintaining order under the inevitable decree of martial law.  If it weren’t already too late for me, I would shut up and keep a low profile, which is exactly what I advocate you do if you have not already earned a camp ticket.  In for a penny, in for a pound.

When the smoke clears, I expect the American government to have been toppled and America to have been “balkanized” along racial lines by the racial civil war that will rage in the midst of the Second American Revolution.  I expect World War III to flare up during this crisis with a strong possibility of a heavy nuclear exchange, started by Israel’s nuking of Iran, if WWIII has not already begun, that is.

Consequences of Affirmative Action
As George Orwell sagely observed in his classic Animal Farm, “Some are more equal than others.”  That certainly is the expectation now heightened on the part of Blacks and Hispanics throughout America, already standing above others on the supremely-unfair ladder of affirmative action.  Equal opportunity, indeed.  More like equal outcome was the intent, based upon results.  Certainly, unequal expectations.  This is creating a seething cauldron of racial discontent throughout America that the coming hard times will ignite into a full-on racial civil war, mark my words well.

Not only has the right to demand a court hearing when taken into custody disappeared (overruling of the centuries-old habeas corpus doctrine), but even the right simply to petition the government has been eliminated from the Constitution.

Warrantless searches, both physical and informational, are the order of the day, not that it matters any longer, with the judges firmly in the pocket of the Executive Branch.  Strip searches of citizens taken into custody for misdemeanors or less are becoming common.

Can WWIII be far behind, you should ask? 
We are just a single Israeli air strike upon Tehran away from being drawn into what well could result in a global thermonuclear holocaust.  Little wonder that the Obama administration continues to tout the idea of compulsory national service for all young people in America.

Obama is continuing the Bush campaign to make Congress altogether irrelevant, with his use of unchallenged executive orders.  As demonstrated by his attacking northern Pakistan and ramping up our efforts in Afghanistan, wars are started and treaties negotiated without Congressional oversight (just as did Bush with the current Iraqi war and concomitant Iraqi long-term protection treaty).

Incarceration Nation
More Americans now are in jail than citizens of all other countries are being held in jails, combined.  Just think about that single fact for a moment.

Imagine the boy in the following video as your son.  It’s not hard to do.  Have you ever personally encountered or witnessed a cop with an attitude like this?  I have.  Many times.  Therefore, I must conclude that almost everybody has:

BTW, the cop merely ended up suspended with pay for a time.  Consider just how close to the edge we are in Amerika today.

I Am Now an Enemy Combatant
What does all this mean?  Since the Bush Regime seized power in America – power that continues to be exercised by Obama’s minions – for the simple act of writing the very article you are reading, current unchallenged law provides that
1) my home can be secretly searched and all my communications secretly monitored, without warrants;
2) my home can be broken into in the dead of night and I can be dragged out and held indefinitely (that means permanently!) without being charged,
3) strip searched and beaten, all without anybody being told my whereabouts, without access to an attorney and without ever being given a court hearing, then
4) I can be shipped out of the country, tortured, tried by a military tribunal and summarily executed. 

Seriously.  I just have to be named an “enemy combatant,” which now includes political dissidents, by some faceless bureaucrat.  Change you can believe in, indeed. [more]


7 Responses

  1. I’ve taught skater kids science, they come in high and angry and if you have ‘real classroom rules’ ‘to create learning’ they throw things at you behind your back and heckle you even when they like you. And they deface the property and destroy it until its filthy and falling apart, and when you catch them and they have to clean up their mess they threaten to ‘push you down the stairs.’ They are a real unhappy mess.

    There will be race issues and big problems and it’s inevitable. Talk to teachers about the race riots in LA and in San Fran in the 60’s and the condition of NY inner city schools before they put in the metal detectors. Teachers have emergency call buttons under their desks. LAWLESS and more poverty = GREAT lawlessness.

    You should see the math and literacy data for the urban cities, which are more and more minority dominate. Illiterate, poor and angry, now hungry as exports are down, dollar is down, and we are beginning to experience food shortages world wide.

    Personally we most likely need Northcom in the next 3 years in the urban areas of this country.

  2. BTW, Scott, if this guy is a “hero” of yours, then I have lost all respect for you.

    • Do you learn more from listening to folks who share identical opinions/viewpoints to yours, or from entertaining opinions/viewpoints different from yours?

      I enjoy entertaining divergent views. Then, rather than swallowing whatever claims are made, I apply reason and research to see if they have lasting merit. If not, I move on. If, however, it has merit I listen more closely next time.

  3. Scott,

    This article is crap; nothing but a bunch of race-baiting bullsh*t.

    You’re better than this.

    • Over-react much?

      Funny how people react to certain ideas without even evaluating them.

      If you really believe this is all just race-baiting, and not merely prediction, I urge you to move to either Detroit or Los Angeles. Both of those cities are about to get very interesting (in the Chinese curse sort of way), ensured by the massive inflation occurring today.

      Devolution of society will not be stopped just because you refuse to acknowledge it, or worse, refuse to consider it because it appears racist to you. It all comes down to simple economics, and the lack of any meaningful alternative.

  4. […] Largehearted Boy added an interesting post on Straight Talk About Coming RiotsHere’s a small excerptW A R N I N G : Frank talk about race (but not racist) in America. Ed’s writing makes me squirm with discomfort, but what if he’s right? First, consider these two separate stories, then read Idaho Attorney Edgar Steele’s (a hero) predictions: ##########   O N E   ########## Tuscon,… […]

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