Planet X and 2012

Cornholio asked “Scott, what do you know about “Planet X” & 2012?”

sitchin-12th-planetWell, I know Zecharia Sitchin has the idea that Nibiru (AKA Planet X”) is home to the “Annunaki” race he claims originally “created” us humans through genetic modification. He surmises their planet is on a highly eccentric orbit that brings it within the inner portion of our solar system once every X thousands of years.

When this happens, we face two dangers: first from the gravitation perterbation of Nibiru and second from the physical return of our “masters.” These events are expected to coincide with the Mayan calandar countdown-to-zero on Dec 21, 2012.

How Trustworthy Is Zecharia Sitchin?
nibiru-orbit-nasaI’ve looked into Zecharia Sitchin and his claims. I got the impression ZS’ take on things is not accurate and that he may be a disinformationist. Given my background in astrophysics, I also could not fathom the orbital mechanics required of Planet X. Knowing a celestial object’s orbital path lets you infer the object’s mass. Whether you map its orbit in the solar system’s ecliptic or even make it perpindicular to the ecliptic, you can’t get the perterbations ZS suggests. Something that close and massive would likely have been discovered via stellar occultation .

Sol’s Mystery Twin
yukteswar-holy-scienceHowever, I am convinced our star does have an unseen, massive orbital companion. This was first suggested in 1894 by an astronomer/mathemetician from India, Sri Yukteswar Giri, to explain the precession of Earth’s equinoxes. As he was also my guru’s guru and a God-realized saint, I assign significant weight to his words (though I realize it is only a personal satisfaction, not one for the general public). Hey, if a guy can dematerialize his body and rematerialize it elsewhere he’s got my attention.

hoagland-dark-missionHyperdimensional Physics
Secondly, the work of Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara on hyperdimensional physics, essentially buried since the time of Maxwell’s famous equations, points to a dark star companion to the sun as well. [Aside: “Dark” here just means “non-self-luminous” like Jupiter. Yes, I know Jupiter has significant EM output but it is not significantly self-luminous. A “dark” body would be difficult to spot orbiting the Sun until it comes close and occludes the stars behind it.]

jupiters-great-red-spot_70x93They theorize HP is responsible for the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and the location of the solar system’s largest volcano, Olympus Mons, on Mars. It also explains, perhaps, not just global warming but the solar-system-wide warming currently being observed.

Then, I came across a site that resolved Nibiru’s orbital problems.


Andy Lloyd hypothisizes Nibiru orbits around a dark star, that in turn, orbits around our sun. Although his diagram shows Earth orbiting clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, his idea has merit from an astronomical perspective. If you assume a more elliptical orbit for Nibiru than Andy shows things become even more plausible.

But is this whole Nibiru/2012 thing true and accurate? I wouldn’t bet money (or silver) on it. The closer we come to 2012 without amateur astronomers finding Nibiru, the less likely the entire Nibiru/2012 idea is.

Read it free.

Read it free on Google.

Star Destroyer
I’m currently reading a book by Paul LaViolette that suggests the Mayan’s 2012 disaster may by the periodic, recurring passage of a Galactic Superwave originating from the center of our galaxy. This Galactic Superwave would be experienced as:
1) An intense gravitational pulse wave that could trigger widespread earthquakes and tsunamis.
2) Followed within hours by intense cosmic rays which could disrupt communications, blind satelites, and even alter DNA.
3) Followed (months?) later by an increase in space dust bourne by the waves. This dust could reduce the sunlight hitting Earth and disrupt crop yields and, worse case, trigger another ice age.

Ice core samples and astronomical predictions/subsequent observations seem to support Dr LaViolette’s theory. 

A Chilling Precursor Event?
Were we hit by something like a “mini” Galactic Superwave a few years back?
tsunami_indonesia_artist_concept_70x94Fact: On December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra. It caused a powerful tsunami which devastated coastal regions of many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was the worst tsunami to affect this area since the explosion of Krakatoa. The earthquake that produced it was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur in the past 25 years. [link]

magnetar_2004dec27Fact: 44 hours, 38 minutes later, on December 27, 2004, a gamma ray burst 100 times more intense than anything previously recorded slammed Earth. It came from a dead star 45,000 light years away, on the other side of our galaxy. [Link: Huge ‘star-quake’ rocks Milky Way]

“Had this happened within 10 light-years of us, it would have severely damaged our atmosphere and possibly have triggered a mass extinction,” said Bryan Gaensler of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA).

Were these two events (a gravity-wave triggered earthquake/tsunami and cosmic ray blast) related?

Gravity waves travel at the speed of light. Cosmic rays, such as gamma rays, travel only fractionally slower than the speed of light, given their particle vs wave duality. So, the gravity wave would preceed the gamma wave. And, they certainly behaved as predicted by Dr. LaViolette in his 1983 Ph. D. dissertation.


The circumstantial evidence suggests a dead star on the other side of our galaxy may have killed a quarter million people on Earth. Who wouldda thunk it?

I’m convinced there is a warning hidden within the Mayan 2012 timeframe. I doubt it’s Nibiru. But I bet the Shadow Powers know: Shadow Powers Plan for 2011. Dr. LaViolette also hypothesized these Galactic Superwaves could trigger a geophysical pole shift. And that’s nasty Extinction Level kinda stuff.


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  1. Really dudes???? Wow…….. what a video *starcasicly*

  2. I’m so sick of ppl dismissing the whole notion of a 9th planet solely on the grounds that they think that we would have seen it by now. Sure, a lot of the claims about a planet nibiru and the anuuaki are a little out there, even for the most “open minded” conspiracy theorists. This doesn’t change the fact though that there are facts that point to the presence of a 9th planet (like perturbations in the orbit of Neptune that are far greater than the gravitational effect of Pluto or any other known celestial bodies). Regardless of whether there is a 9th planet, I still have a feeling that whatever happens in 2012 will not be favorable for us. There’s no way to know for sure, but I doubt that our collective resonance is on a frequency high enough to ascend into a higher consciousness or w.e it is that they say is supposed to happen. There’s actually some good articles about how the amount of fear, hate and anxiety on the planet is not only way below what it should be, but at an all time high on if anyone wants to read more about why we won’t be able to get out of the “3rd density” that we’re currently stuck in.

  3. In 2012 there will be change. Some people will not see it. Others won’t feel it, and yet most won’t even hear of it. I know this because the ignorant are blind for I will make it. Perception and speculation is all that is left and of this most people do not want to know this. I am who I am.

  4. Look at what I ran across —

    What I found interesting was the “actuation date” of 12/21/12. Thoughts?

  5. Interesting Article. Thanks!

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