Sinclair’s Pithy Proclamations

Jim SinclairJim Sinclair, hero, is on a roll lately with incisive, insightful quotes like these gems:

“Financial rescue plans being rolled out at an unprecedented pace are starting to appear as if they may well be acts of futility thrown against the wall like cooked pasta to see if one might stick.”

“There is no super currency that can rescue anything anywhere.”
-On the claim Special Drawing Rights could become the new global currency.

“The SDR is presently an accounting unit made up of the US dollar, Yen, Euro and the British Pound. Now how in the hell is that gang going to save the world monetary system? It is three cripples and one anti-cripple with its own problems.”

“As Volcker observed yesterday, inflation is one of the ways out of this mess and it is that way I assure you we are going. Only gold can rescue you.”

“The new extreme “Flailing In The Breeze” plan today took the shape of the US Fed plan to issue their own debt when things get better. When will people understand that a problem caused by debt and fancy finance cannot be cured by debt and fancy finance?”

“The financial situation is grave and no spin, even of an economic bounce, will serve to make it go away. There simply is too much permanently impaired paper. Bank nationalization will occur.”

“This financial situation is totally out of control. Government financial leaders are flailing in the wind, trying every remedy ever heard of while inventing new measures, all of it in total futility.”

“Major Banks will be nationalized. Smaller institutions will be rolled into nationalized banks.”

“The Dollar does not have a future. Gold is your only refuge asset.”

“To allow yourself to be run out of anything gold by the COMEX manipulators is to sacrifice your financial lifeline. It is just that bad.”

“The unavoidable financial consequences are already raising their ugly heads and the curtain is coming up on the degree of this total disaster.”

“Gold is no longer an investment, it is your lifeline.
It is that serious. Your future depends on gold as there is no piece of paper or SDR package of various paper that can protect you.”

“There is no method to drain this from the monetary system as the Fed would have you believe. It is in the system, not in a make-believe black hole somewhere.
“It is staying in the system, and it will destroy what is left of the system before December of 2012.”
-On the amount of money injected into the economic system in the last 6 months and how it will trigegr massive inflation.

“Lines and squiggles on the dollar or gold chart are meaningless noise.”

“Financial rescue plans being rolled out at an unprecedented pace are starting to appear as if they may well be acts of futility thrown against the wall like cooked pasta to see if one might stick.”

“Do you ever get the feeling that the banksters, political generals and politicians may have gotten Mother Nature really angry? The pilots of Space Ship Earth are so far off course that it is a daily comedy of errors.”
-On the Bloomberg story, “Alaska volcano eruption shuts oil terminal.”

“There simply is no practical solution to this disaster outside of its eventual working through the entire system. No government nor any group of governments with all their printing presses can equal the size of the problem given to us by the madness of the bankster’s greed.”


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  1. Indeed, Jim often has interesting commentary over at his website JS Mineset.

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