11:11 Phenomenon & Lightworkers

Scott's Soapbox

Piper” asks, ”

Do you have any knowledge of the following:
The “11:11 Phenomenon” & Lightworkers.

Please research (if necessary) and share with us.
Also, Scott— Are you a Lightworker?”

I hadn’t heard of “11:11” before. I googled it and got the gist, I think.

reticularactsys_100x142Doesn’t seem to be much to it, IMO. The human subconscious has a “reticular activating system” that, among other duties, pre-screens external sensory input. It decides what, out of everything you see, hear, smell and touch is important enough to present to the conscious mind. Everything else is considered surplus data and is ignored.

Ever notice how you may enter a room and smell a distinct odor, only to have it become unnoticeable 10 minutes later. RAS at work.

I have a friend who conditioned himself in high school (I think) that the number 37 was significant to him. James saw 37s everywhere. Once we, his friends, became likewise conditioned we saw 37s everywhere as well, and would point them out.

My 24-year-old son sees cops everywhere. He’s conditioned himself to notice cops as a way to reduce speeding tickets and traffic violations. He loves Trans-Ams, sees them everywhere as well. Do Trans-Ams have spiritual significance. Only, I would say, to the extent you give them it.

israel-kamakawiwoole_100x147Number of People = Number of Paths to God
But I also believe almost any object or concept can be used as a path to God. I once spent 8 hours wallpapering an office with just one song on my boombox on infinite repeat [song]. I sang along with it as a sincere offering to God. I felt His response and, now, at a distance of 8 years, hearing the song again immediately brings back tears of longing.

If 11:11 has spiritual significance to you, go for it.

A saint once said, “People always come to me and say ‘I want peace!’ I tell them to get rid of their sense of self, the ‘I’, get rid of desires or wants, and all that’s left is peace.”

I believe that is the essence of the spiritual path.

Who Are the Lightworkers?
I found these Lightworker questionnaire on the web [link].

You may be a Lightworker if you:
Feel called to heal others. (Not really, but I do like to help.)
Know that PEACE and LOVE is the way forward for humanity. (Absolutely.)
Want to resolve the world’s social and environmental problems. (It’s gotten so bad now that the quickest way out is through. *)
Believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation. (Absolutely, but not exclusively.)
Have had mystical experiences (yes), such as psychic premonitions (no, but would love to) or angelic encounters (no).
Want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the world. (OK, working on yourself is MUCH harder than telling someone else how to run their life. The latter is often entertaining yet, ultimately, unfulfilling. I guess I know where that leaves me now.)
Feel compelled to help earth in a spiritual way through: speaking, writing, teaching, healing or counselling. (Yes, but I still love the freedom money brings.)
Know you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure how to fulfill it. (Bingo!)

 *Honestly, most days I’m torn between wanting to help fix everything and just getting the hell off the planet. I have never really felt like I belong here. It feels like I must’ve cut some deal with God about being here, and have spent most of my life being pissed off about it.

Hell On Earth
relax_100x77I swear, for people consciously on the spiritual path this place, earth,  is truly hell: there ain’t nuthin’ worse. When we die we’ll head back to a beautiful astral plane somewhere over the rainbow with other wonderful souls of like mind. This planet, on the physical plane, is as bad as it’s gonna get for us.

So why don’t I grow up, accept things as they are, and get busy? Wish I knew…it’s not for lack of trying…if only I could find that instruction book God gave me when He kicked me down here…

WARNING: <begin rant>
Do you think they have Windows Vista in heaven? Hell no! (Yes, I’ve been suffering through a forced upgrade to Vista since my main PC died this last weekend–software problem, not hardware problem.)Microsoft’s philosophy seems to be, “If we don’t have anything new to steal from Apple to include in the latest version we’ll just remove some useful features, hide others under a reorganized menu structure and make the previous file versions incompatible. Slap a cute name on it and sell it to the ignorant masses. OK, I also upgraded from Office 2003 to 2007. Yikes! Excel 2007 blew away my data ranges for the COMEX graphs.
<end rant>

Yogananda did say the physical plane is the only plane where souls from all levels of development interact. We’re all segregated when in the astral world or causal world.

I wish I were a better person. If I’m a Lightworker I’m a damn poor one, but will offer up quick applause to all of you who are better than me!



15 Responses

  1. Its interesting as to whats going on in the world and there is definately some truth in the events that have taken place. The future is not clear and for many of us fear is a deciding factor throughout history.

    I read a book I would recommend in the way its written talking about fear and how self-awareness develops, and how we can control our lives to a greater degree. The idea is simple as the book suggests with hidden meanings that can be translated in different ways in a very practical way. I would say to anyone that we as people have to be prepared for whats coming and with the universal blessing we can overcome these difficult times. We need to overcome our fears and become the person we need to be to rise above it.

  2. I have studied the whole new age/spirit phenomenon for many years and I think this is oversimplified.

    First, I agree that there is a behind-the-scenes war going on waged by the elite for control of the populace.
    Fortunately, they have already lost but they are taking a long time to figure it out.

    ET’s, UFO’s, spirits, lightworkers, secret government, etc. are all part of the same game. Some are working to control us and others are working to free us.

    This is really a battle for our minds and we the people are the ones who will ultimately determine the outcome. There is no weapon they have that is more powerful then fear. When we overcome our fears and decide to live ethical lives they will have no more power over us and their institutions will crumble.

    Our collective mind is already at that point and it is beginning to happen. The resources that the elite have relied on to finance their operations are gong the way of a giant ponzi scheme and when they are out the void they leave will be filled with a plan that will give all of us control of our own destiny.

    Their game is nearly over and ours is just beginning. You might find this website interesting…


    • Thank you Chad,

      Very interesting site. Aside from all the “Spiritual” snake oil salesman,
      David Wilcock´s information stands out as well researched and well meaning.
      David Wilcock also has a deep connection to Edgar Cayce, who has an
      extremely well documented record as a Prophetic Spiritual healer.
      By contrast, after reading David Icke, I feel Icky, and Deepockets Chopra
      may offer inner peace, but only to those with $4,000 to spare.

      Mr. Wilcock´s site reaffirms the idea that we are spiritually driven creatures,
      and the Spirit World trumps the illusion filled “Real World”.
      The American Indians will tell you that the Spirit World is the Real World.

      Imho, connecting with your family, friends, neighbors, and especially those
      you have nothing in common with, will ultimately mean much more to you than a new Chevy or even a 5 series BMW.
      Thanks for a great link, Chad.
      Dave S.

  3. i get it its like when you buy a new car you suddenly notice they are all over the place. scot I think some people are born spiritual and have a longing for heaven. but to be happy in heaven you need to happy here as well(before you go). god does not like the miserable people because he made the earth so we could enjoy it and delight in him through it. Perhaps you suffer form depression as many overly intelligent people do. We all have crosses to bear , your’s keeps you humble, You should take an example from the Saints and. train your mind to see good things around you and count your blessings every second, that how the saints in heaven used your 11:11 phenomenon. here on earth, they had hard lives but lived totaly in bliss always thinking of heaven and their blessed lives. As a christian we believe Hell is found in the centre of the earth, its a prison for the damned, the greeks and all societies believe in this in some form, so no, up here we are not in hell, if we were then laughter would be impossible and god himself a sadist. the earth is what we make of it, we humans have free will and heaven or hell its our choice.

  4. my garbage can never seems to get full… does that count

  5. Scott – when are you going to update your comex silver chart? It’s still dated 3/27

    There supposedly have been heavy silver pulldowns this week. Can you confirm?



  6. I see 11:11 all the time (also 111,222,333, etc…). Some of it is the mental conditioning. Once you start looking you’ll notice it more and more often. However, there is something spiritual to that number. I once had a powerful dream were I felt the overwhelming love of God. The sheer joy I felt woke me up from a sound sleep. I look at the clock and it was 11:11. I couldn’t help but cry.

    I treat the 11:11 phenomena as a reminder to check my thoughts and see if anything I was just thinking had any spiritual significance. 9 times out of 10 there is…

    • me too! 11 11, 22, 33 and 88
      I also had an overwhealming connection to 11 11 that left me feeling like it was a parallel universe of good and evil or something, kind of a weird gateway. I turn to the good side of it- reminds me to stop and think about what I’m doing, to check myself and my actions- like God is watching.

  7. Mr. Gallup,

    Once you receive Jesus Christ as The Lord and Savior over your life, your view of this world will be changed profoundly, for the better.

    Serve those around you and spread the Good News; “Jesus Lives!”. He lives for you, for me, for everyone who ever has, is, and will live on the planet Earth.

    Because of the amazing sacrafice of and by Jesus Christ, you have been forgiven by God for all of your sinful words, thoughts, and actions. Repent, and be forgiven.

    Scott, God directed me to your blog this morning and moved me to deliver this message to you: God loves you and your family. You are to report to a very large Easter worship service this Sunday somewhere in your general geographic area, and you are to listen…listen with your heart.

    My heart tells me that this is the wake-up call for which you have been waiting for your whole life. It is time for you to realize your purpose.

    • Nigel_B

      Thank you for what I feel are your heartfelt best wishes. I’ve done the born-again Christian thing. Yes, yes I’m sure I could have done it better. Instead I walked the way of the atheist, then agnostic for a while, with science as my god. But then I found a path where you can go directly to Jesus, God, Divine Mother, etc. directly without a church as intermediary. Once I tasted of the Divine Romance I knew the goal, I knew fulfillment beyond that which I had experienced before. This is what I wish for all.

      • He will be there when you are ready to receive Him.

      • Sir my name is Elijah, I am a young man and my heart is pushing me to ask you for silver?? I am aware that there are to be tough times ahead, I just want to be as prepared as possible. please email me

  8. I guess I could be considered what’s called an “elevener.” I see 11:11 everyday with no exception. Not necessarily on the clock, sometimes in bizarre places. For instance, I was working in Excel and was adding up my bills for the monthly budget. I added in the last bill and the total came to $1,111.11. Another time, I paused my television and the timebar at the bottom of the screen showed I had stopped the show at exactly 11 minutes 11 seconds. Really bizarre things that I can no longer chalk up to coincidence.

    Now, do I believe it’s angels trying to communicate? I don’t know but I hope so! I try to keep an open mind about everything and am careful not to disregard anything.

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