Web Bot Forecast for Fall 2009

From George Ure and the Web Bot guys: some predictions followed by my thoughts on his accuracy.

His Prediction:

October 26+/- – Another Web Bot Hit Shapes Up

Oh-oh.  Here we go again.  Calendar watch time. I  can’t remember how long ago I told you to put a circle on October 26th (plus or minus a week or so) but that was when Iran would be attacked but oh, my frigging goodness, have you see the “Report: U.S., Allies Put October Deadline on Progress from Iran”


This is all starting to become almost ‘other-worldly’ too clear to me:  Markets will come down over the next couple of weeks to the high seven thousands on the Dow, we get one more pop up to the 9,600 level.  The ‘troubles’ socially come to visit France and then the U.K.  And then here in the U.S.


Then we get the bombing of Iran by Israel in late October, about which time, the U.S. government will be contemplating use of its ‘continuity of government’ plans due to social unrest brought about by (what else?) economic collapse.  And that in turn sets a 4-week temporal ‘timer’ that brings us to the part where South Korea receives a nuke or two from the North.  And then things get bad.

Now, whether this all works out precisely doesn’t really matter because the meme – thought virus if you will – is out and about.  And that in itself is curious to know about in advance.


Oh, and it means Elaine and I already have our NIOSH P100 full-face masks.  The dust going global by early November threatens to cross from the conceptual to the physical layer of life.  Like we need it. 

His Track Record:

Has George (and the Web Bot guys) been on target with his past predictions?

Last summer they were forecasting a major economic collapse centered around Oct 7, 2008, preceded by 11 days of tension starting Sept 27. Looking back now it looks like they were right on.
Oct 6, 2008: Fear Index Highest Ever
Oct 7, 2008: Iceland Warns of Bankruptcy
Oct 7, 2008: Russia & Brazil Suspend Trading Amid Crash
Oct 8, 2007: Bank of America on Fire
Oct 9, 2008: DJIA Down 40% From 1 Yr Ago
Oct 10, 2008: Fear Index on a Tear
Oct 12, 2008: Ron Paul on Pending Dollar Death

Sept 10, 2008: The Web Bots foresee consumer society collapsing by mid November 2008. Looks like it’s happening with the huge plunge in consumer spending and confidence: [link: Nov 26: Consumer Confidence Hits 28-year Low]


12 Responses

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  2. Okay, Im a latecomer and a newbie BUT I want to believe. Where do you go to get the good info?

  3. I do believe in the web bot prject, but I also believe in divine intervention, which obviously has occured. The question is when do “the powers that are” decide that enough is enough.
    It’s a scary thought.

  4. The web bot predictions from prior years ABOUT 2008/2009 are mostly WRONG.
    Silver @ 800/oz ? Please.
    Iran attacked ???
    SoKorea niked by No Korea ???

    Give me something I can hang my hat on.

  5. I have uploaded an HD version of this video with improved sound.

  6. The dollar crisis will occur between October 25th and November 5th of this year 2009

  7. $800 per ounce!!??? That would take a nuke or two!

    • No Nukes. International Dollar repudiation as the worlds reserve currency. The dollar crisis will occur between October 25th and November 5th of this year 2009.

      The Comex Gold and Silver Derivatives will be shut down and anyone who is owns a Futures or Options contract after November 5th will simply not get paid.

      Only people who own actual metal in their physical possession will benefit from the rise in price.

  8. could the web bots give us any news about the comex defaulting come on who ever programs you evil little gimps give us the goods on the comex

    • liam,

      The web-bots predict Silver will reach an “intermediate” high of $800/oz later this year 2009. You can buy the $10 report from half-past-human and read it yourself.

      They don’t mention COMEX default but I can’t think of anything else that could cause a price spike like that.

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