Governator Squeezes Trigger for Crime-n-Riots

Scott's Soapbox

I admit I’ve been quiet for quite a while here, waiting for that thunk of the other shoe. Plus, the road ahead isn’t just filled with potholes, to me it’s looking downright cratered.


governator_poster_70x82Seriously B-A-D. I am more worried now than I was last August, before everything tanked. And, it’s cost me a lot of my admittedly-diminished piece-of-mind. I’ve been nearly paralyzed with foreboding these last six weeks, andI haven’t been able to bring myself to spend much time on this site blogging the imminent (further) collapse.

And California, the world’s 7th largest economy, could be the first car in the jerking roller-coaster ride to the bottom. He warned they have until June 15 to make draconian cuts or face insolvency by the end of July. [link]

What Will Trigger The Coming Riots
20090527_CA_cuts_150x210What do you think will happen in Califonia when the Governator cuts off welfare as promised? [link] Do you think crime will go up or down as a result?

And what message is being sentto the judicial system for California’s 36,756,666 residents when Arnold is releasing prisoners EARLY cuz the state can’t afford the incarceration expense? [link]

Is it crazy to foresee an explosion in crime, some of it violent, that escalates once the disenfranchised realize they “ain’t gonna do time” over petty crime? And, is it really that much of a stretch to envision the crime turning ever more violent as the masses realize the cops can’t stop it?

We are months (not even a year) away from big-city riots in this country.

Gun Confiscation Won’t Make It Safer
The ripples of GM’s bankruptcy and California’s crash will be felt from shore to shore. It’s going to be hard to hide from it. If you currently live in (or within a day’s walk for a hungry male) a large population-concentration things will get “I-wish-I-bought-that-20-gauge-shotgun” ugly for you if you stay one day past the tipping point.

I’m not the only one thinking like this: legislators in the Great State of Tennessee just enacted a law PREVENTING gun confiscation in the event of martial law [link]. Yes, that’s supposed to be a constitutional right but Tennessee doesn’t trust the Feds after what they did during Katrina.

Care to jog your memory a bit?
-ABC News vid showing the gun confiscation by troops.
-Watch the CNN video of a 61-year-old lady tackled by cops in her home while taking her gun.

Is There A Chance I Could Be Right?
Hmmm… check my track record on big-picture stuff. Looks like I notch another win with the bankruptcy of GM and selling of bankrupt Chrysler to “Fix It Again, Tony.” (Worst car I ever had was a 1969 Fiat850 Spyder. 2ndworse car was a Plymouth Fury III land yacht. Shoulda been a crime to sell dogs like these to struggling teens.) [My Predictions from Feb 2008]

Protect Yourself.
Protect your family. If you live in a larger city move (I did in 2004, but I always seem to be too early  to the party). This is often impractical so at least phone up a friend/relative living in an area with a lower population density and “joke” about coming to visit if TSHTF. Seriously. Ask him what you can bring that would make him happy to see you. 

Get other ideas from Checking Off My “To Do” List. Also look at Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 3 for 6 things you can do starting today.


U hav no idea how bad its gonna git


4 Responses

  1. Ca in dire straits? I view that as healthy. We need a catharsis to clear the system of fraud & waste.

    Gun confiscation? … any Government agent nosing at my door seeking to rescind the 2nd amendment will get what they deserve. After all, there are limits to how far I will be pushed. No, I’m not a redneck…but make no mistake, there are limits to how far I bend before I break.

    If I “break” … others (especially Government) will feel it.

    • Listen to me now.
      I am the Governor of Cow-leaf-ornya.
      We haff 12% of the population of the United States.
      I blame everything on the po-litty-cal system here.

      I am not just some muscle head who played grab-ass
      with every woman I worked with on every movie set since the 80´s.
      Listen, I am much smarter than Ron Burgundy, yah?
      Ok, maybe not, but I will pay back those billions I took from
      the California teachers.

      Ok, maybe I won´t, but we all need to pull together, because the
      California legislature woke up one day and realized they were
      $21 billion short. We had no way of anticipating this, because due to the
      budget crisis, we could not afford a $2.00 calculator.

      The gud newz is Maria and I looked through the Hummer and our sofa cushions, und we found 12 deutschemarks, er, dollars, in change. We gave it to the Ca. State Treasurer. If everyone in our state did that we could pay down almost 1/4 of 1% of the State´s debt.

      Yah, California is going to turn around any day now. Soon all cars will run on cheap and emission free Hydrogen. Of course, I say this for years, and
      never do anything, but that was always the plan since I met
      with Ken Lay and the Enron gang, who got me elected.

      Oops, gotta go, Maria is calling. Seig Heil! –
      Herr Commandant,
      The Governator

  2. dominos
    the west coast is going to go like dominos
    they were saying about 6 months ago that WA was billions in debt
    and then they back peddled
    no state tax here and all the big corps
    don’t pay tax and we have big ones (boeing, amazon, starbucks, microsoft)
    and sales tax? Dead in the Water
    the manager at starbucks told me yesterday ‘no profit at this store, this year’

    i’ve got a global capitalist buddy who said ‘machine sales world wide down at a scary rate…80%… consumables down 50%’ recovery next year? big ‘maybe’…

    near everything extraneous is going to shut down…

  3. While I generally think there’s much validity to “Doomers” arguments, there really is no substitute to actually having the forecasted events pan out. Not that I want that, it’s just that there have been so many calling for the sky to fall that I’ve become inured to it.

    In other words, while I do in fact now spend weekends making preparations to protect myself against difficult times, I’ll believe meltdown only if & when it comes.

    Otherwise….its all hot air, and there’s plenty of that already.

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