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Scott's Soapbox

Hi Everyone,

Please excuse and indulge a personal (rather than “newsworthy”) post. I’ve read your kind comments wondering what’s happened to this site, and me.

As you’ve no doubt seen, I haven’t posted anything since June. Why? Honestly, the middle of June brought new information to my attention regarding what was (is) likely in store for us later this coming fall.

It is not good.

What I read then, corroborated from multiple sources I’ve grown to trust over the last 3 years or so, was viscerally disturbing…the kind of stuff that knots your gut with dread.

On top of this, close friends of my wife were visiting from out-of-town, and a nice dinner out was arranged. As is typical for me, I brought some silver bars to give the couple and offered up a cautionary tale of what may transpire in the next six months. My information was not received well and, at one point, the gentleman, in jest, threatened to kill me and my family and grab the rest of my silver. Although delivered with a laugh, his proclamation felt like an intimate violation.

And I couldn’t handle it. Like the proverbial “switch being flipped” I had just had enough.

I attempted to summarize what I felt was heading our way in a post here in June. Couldn’t bring myself to put it down coherently. Tried again mid-July. No go. Tried again Aug 8…nope. Each time as I put my thoughts to the task my emotions got the better of me, and the sense of impending dread paralyzed me.

I became increasingly withdrawn; somewhat catatonic. Couldn’t leave the house, answer the phone, interact. I felt like a zombie and just… couldn’t… continue…

Fortunately, I have a doctor friend in Texas who’s one of the nation’s top NET practitioners; I eventually flew down for help. I got it. I feel transformed in a way I couldn’t have envisioned before.

Thank God!

However, I realize now it’s not life-affirming for me to immerse myself in the machinations of the Shadow Powers and what’s heading our way en route to a complete meltdown by 2011. I think major events are close enough now that it’s time for me to “batten down the hatches” and ride out the storm.

Do I think The Meltdown will still happen? Yes, I just don’t see how it can be avoided.
Will there be suffering? Yes. Many live will be touched.
Will we, as a nation and as people, be better off once we go though this? Yes, absolutely.

And that, my friends who’ve followed my rants, is what keeps me going. I do believe in Yogananda’s quote, “Americans will be half as wealthy but twice as spiritual.” We may (or may not) have a hell to go through during the next 18 months, but we will return to the values that this country was founded upon.

And, we will all have the opportunity to love courageously.

Please make a personal effort NOW to protect yourself, your family, your loved ones. Please be prepared, to the best of your ability and within your means, to offer 1) help,  2) solace, and 3) guidance to your neighbors and friends in the coming tumultuous months.


If you have any questions/comments please post them in the comments area below. I promise to monitor this thread for the next few days.

Parting thoughts:
1) Jim Sinclair’s countdown to the beginning of the US dollar Death Spiral stands at 78 days as of today, Sat. Aug 22. [

2) Respected International Forecaster editor Bob Chapman has been warning of widespread bank “holidays” (forced closures) between Aug 26 (earliest) and mid-September (latest). [link]

3) Harry Schultz (his 41-year-old newsletter is recommended by Ron Paul) is urging his subscribers to withdraw 3-6 months living expenses IN CASH from the bank no later than Tuesday, August 25. [link] “Some US embassies worldwide are being advised to purchase massive amounts of local currencies,” writes Harry Schultz, “enough to last them a year.”

4) Is FEMA meeting with local law enforcement in preparation for a nation-wide bank closure in Aug/Sept? Has FEMA discussed the issuance of food ration vouchers to be used in lieu of dollars? [YouTube link]

5) US banks are, on whole, insolvent. The FDIC is looking at $200 billion in insured deposit liability with troubled banks yet has only $11 billion available to cover it. [link] You will not get your lost money back anytime soon, the FDIC will decide WHO will get a partial disbursement based on THEIR criteria.

6) Swine flu will indeed kill some this year, but the vaccine, (laced with antifreeze, aluminum, formaldehyde, squalene) will kill many more. I will stand with Dr. Bill Deagle [link to mp3], Dr. Sherri Tenpenny [link to youTube], Dr. Mercola [link] and many other informed insiders and refuse the vaccine. More effective: Dr Mercola recommends vitamin D and fish oil.

7) The Web Bots [link to “Shape of Things to Come” report, $10] are showing collapse of COMEX gold/silver in November, resulting in wild swings in silver prices. Some swings could hit $600/oz.

8) Please remember that when hyperinflation hits you should quickly convert your cash into tangible goods with intrinsic value. Think barter. Think silver. Obviously, it’s better to get your money out of a failing bank 1 month too soon rather than 1 day too late.

9) From the fringe: in the unlikely event official news sources report an alien invasion rest assured it is really a staged event using deep black military craft. Dr. Werner von Braun warned of this shortly before his death in 1977. [link to YouTube video]


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  1. God bless you Scott – you have done us all a great service.

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