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About This Site
Here’s the only thing I’m selling on this site: I want to sell you on the need to protect yourself and your loved ones from the biggest changes this country (and perhaps the world) has seen in four generations.

Two quotes from a respected spiritual mystic have convinced me to do this:
“You have no idea how bad it’s going to get. What a catastrophe is coming.” and
“After, Americans will be half as wealthy but twice as spiritual.”
Paramhansa Yogananda

This site will:
1) Highlight the “bad” news on the economy, society and war to motivate you to action.
2) Show how the “bad” news is not an accident but a long-term plan by Shadow Powers.
3) When possible give you predictions on imminent events that will affect you.
4) Explain why protecting yourself means NO GAMBLING ON THE STOCK MARKET and taking ownership for your retirement and financial well-being.
5) Encourage you to own physical gold and silver for financial protection.
6) Encourage you to have an emergency contingency plan for life’s necessities should they become difficult to come by. This includes food, fuel, medicine, medical supplies.
7) Highlight steps to remake the world into far better place once the current paradigm has exhausted itself.

This site is not about:
1) Trying to stop what’s already been set in motion. I feel it’s too late.
2) Avoiding unpleasant facts and outcomes. It takes courage to confront the truth and accept it no matter the source (once properly vetted).
3) Starting a revolution, punishing the perps, assessing blame, fighting change. These are not empowering.


About the Blogger
While I have a few decades experience in software development, I have no educational background that would qualify me as an expert in financial and economic matters. That is, save one: the willingness to spend untold hours researching these topics with an open mind.

This research has lead me to believe 2011 will shape up to be a pivotal year in the (recorded) history of our species on this planet. Financial turmoil, natural (and unnatural) disasters, widespread spiritual awakening pitted against even wider-spread forces of greed and control will usher mankind to a tipping point. We will decide our fate and the fate of this planet.

Does this sound too dramatic to you? It may be. But it can only help to be well informed and prepared.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves…

February 7, 2008


48 Responses

  1. Hello Scott,

    I am Scott as well and I stumbled upon your website. When I look at your about me message, I wonder if we are not the same person.

    I am going to be looking through your work. I am hosting the same exact type of website that you are hosting! I was wondering if you would like to see if we can eventually set up an affiliate system where we link all blogs of this manner?

    I notice you have Ron Paul on your side… my website is themed around “a guide to understanding the world” and also “a Ron Paul Revolution.”

    Would be happy if you checked it out and left me an email if you would ever like to potentially do something if I can figure out a better plan. I assume you have great stock advice, so junior miners are my expected greatest source of temporary income while we play this fine dance with the dying US dollar.

    email me @ hardrightedge@gmail.com
    website @ http://thehardrightedge.com

    Keep up the good work,

    Scott J

  2. Hi Scott

    Do you have any specific time in mind in regards to when the current markets will shift. Lately the government has been inflating the market with POMO infusions however one has to wonder how long the US government can continue to inflate the market in this manner.

    I use technical analyses to follow the market and it seems that the market may be reaching a point of exhaustion however on the positive side the VIX (measure of fear in the market) is very low.

    Your thoughts?

  3. how you going scott i am 21 years off age and found myself a good job. come janurary the 1st 2011 i was going to invest in the stock market. was simply going to do the 5 lowest costing shares of the 10 highest dividend of the dow. or the foolish four of the dows………reading this web site has opened my eyes a bit and wanted your opinion before i invest. if not what should i invest in or should i invest?

  4. i like your website , your design maybe should be a litle chamged but the information is great . I wonder if you wanna make a link exchange ?

  5. hi scott

    a little while ago you were kind enough to send me an ounze of silver. since then ive bought quite abit more and i felt like i wanted to return you the kindness.

    i still have your envelope and want to know if you still live at the return address.

    many thanks and gods blessing


    northern ireland

  6. Please send myself your latest information. Thankyou

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