My Predictions from Feb 2008


Feb 10, 2008 1:28 am

By the time the “meltdown” completes in 2011 the history books will say:

The DJIA hit its all-time high during the afternoon of Oct. 11, 2007 of 14,279 before dropping to 5,711. Still no bottom in sight.
***Update 11/6/2008: Low so far is 7,773.71 on Fri., Oct. 10, 2008, a drop of 45%. [check it now]

The S&P 500 hit its all-time high of 1,565 on Oct. 9, 2007. It’s lost 65% since then.
***Update 11/6/2008: Low so far is 839.80 on Fri., Oct. 10, 2008, a drop of 46%. A 65% drop would = 547.75. [check it now.]

$3300 Gold


Gold launched to $3,300/oz.


Unemployment is the worst since the Great Depression.


Just as The Great War was renamed World War I after the advent of WWII, the Great Depression was renamed Depression I.$100 Silver


Silver rocketed to $100/oz.


The upcoming presidential elections of 2012 mark the 32nd consecutive year either a Bush or Clinton has been on the ticket. Most Americans still don’t understand the last time they had a choice was Nixon vs Kennedy. Since then, the elite have chosen whom you choose.
***Update 11/6/2008: Obama/Biden win election, Hillary stays home. This prediction is wrong. Now, if Obama picks a Treasury Secretary who used to work for Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan Chase, the elite are still pulling the strings.

Hyperinflation killed the US dollar, Canadian dollar, and the Mexican peso. It was pre-meditated murder courtesy of the central banks and the money power.

AmeroThe multi-colored Amero became the new unified currency for North America. Borders between Canada and Mexico have been effectively erased.


25% of all US banks became insolvent.


Solar Flares vs Size of EarthEarth has experienced the worst solar flares in recorded history, temporarily knocking out the nationwide communication grid.
Expect this to occur on Nov. 11, 2011 (11/11/11) give-or-take 90 days. Effects will include the untimely loss of a communications satellite, impairment of the east coast electrical grid, re-routing of international flights to avoid the north pole, GPS problems. See real-time Solar Storm index here.
See also
Cap’n! R Shields R Down!


World Financial CtrFannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, and other major financial institutions were crippled by the implosion of OTC derivatives in 2008. Now they’re owned by Arab, Asian and Russian interests. (And we thought we won the Cold War.)
***Update 3/17/2008: Looks like Bear Stearns died early: 3/16/08
***Update 8/29/2008: Looks like Fannie and Freddie are on the ropes: 8/28/08. The US Gov’t has taken them over.
***Update 9/16/2008: Lehman Bros died yesterday. Merrill Lynch in trouble, bought out by Bank of America.
***Update 9/22/2008: Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley get emergency approval to become “real” banks. Now they’re eligible for Gov’t bailout loans.


Derivatives also claimed the lives of Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wachovia, HSBC and Wells Fargo. The FDIC went bust attempting to insure angry depositors.
***Update 9/29/2008: Wachovia and Washington Mutual die (the largest bank failure in history).


GM vroom vroom 128x132Ford, GM and Chrysler are no longer US corporations.
***Update 6/01/2009: GM files for bankruptcy today, the largest industrial bankruptcy in US history. Chrysler, already in bankruptcy court, gets a judge’s final approval today for its sale to Italian car maker Fiat.



Vultures CircleHomeowners around the country scramble to pay their real estate taxes and homeowner’s insurance. When their mortgage lender went under they lost their escrow–the taxes and insurance were never paid.

Homeowners and credit card users are forced into bankruptcy. The lending institutions are so desperate for cash they exercise their contractual right to call in an entire loan for immediate payment once a single monthly installment is missed.


RiotFour major US cities suffer violent food riots.



One major US city is quarantined due to H5N1 (Bird Flu). Anyone inside the city’s beltway must stay there. The National Guard and private-sector security forces (AKA Blackwater) enforce the curfew and quarantine. Although unconstitutional, all firearms are confiscated. Looting increases.
***Update 6/01/2009: Looks like the Swine Flu scare in May 2009 was just a warm-up, not the real thing.


City and county tax revenues plummet. Public services are curtailed, included trash pickup, road maintenance, public schools and fire/police protection. Crime rate doubles.


Russian Toll RoadPublic roadways are converted to toll roads as states sell their infrastructure to foreign countries to raise revenue.


Retirees’ pension/social security checks kept coming but couldn’t keep up with inflation. Most lost their houses or apartments and had to move in with the kids, stressing marriages already brittled with financial woes.


Tent City N.O.“Tent cities” cropped up around the country. They are filled with formerly middle-class displaced citizens. Parents tell their kids it’s just a long camping vacation.
***Update 3/5/2009: Tent city in Sacramento, CA makes the front page of My “Tent City” Prediction Comes True 


Bush 43 is convicted in absentia for treason for his role in the 9/11 attacks. Paraguay refuses to extradite him to the US.


WWJD?We all learned to live more simply and forego unnecessary necessities.


When forced to choose between religion (“Who Would Jesus Bomb?”) and God, more and more of us chose God. Amen.


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54 Responses

  1. Where are you, Scott? We need you!

  2. Stock up on Beer! Support our Troops-
    Keep the Oil Flowing!

  3. what ever happens in the world,all things at some point come to an end,the world as i see ti at the moment has become more unsettled,weather pattens have been a bit odd,in different parts of the world,not least our own country.

  4. What a load of bollox – just get on with your day and let the future worry about itself. Be happy and positive, if everyone was people wouldn’t be in so much shit.

  5. In the last few days, blackbirds have fallen out of the skies in two U.S. cities. First in Beebe, Arkansas on New Year’s Eve and again near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Are these two events connected and are they a sign that bad times are coming?

    • This same thing happened in Europe just 2 days after it happened here in the U.S? It’s also kinda strange to think that no scientist can truly exlpain any of the occurences.

  6. No this, Mexico and the U.S.A. will become as one. when this happens. pray for the world.

  7. I had a vision of a big earthquake in the Caribbean, two months before it happened in Haiti. My new vision is more frightening and more specific:
    – In autumn 2011, an Iranian nuclear missile, heading for Israel, is shot down before reaching its target.
    – Nuclear retaliation follows. Bombs dropped on Iran kill hundreds of thousands.
    – The Islamic world rises up against the West. Muslims in Western Europe launch attacks against their host nations, most violently in the United Kingdom. The backlash of the indigenous populations is drastic and bloody. Tens of thousands of people die in Europe, many Muslims are forced to flee.
    – In Africa and Asia, Muslims also fight non-Muslims. On both continents, hundreds of thousands of people die.

    It is now written. I hope this time I am wrong.

  8. Dow Ends 2010 With 11% Gain

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average’s yearly gain is in the books: a rise of 1,149.46 points, or 11.02%. Nasdaq rose 17%.

  9. VIEWS of others are important + respected too.


  10. Brett Favre finally fuking retires woo hoo!!!

  11. Why is it that all predictions are of doom and gloom? What about predicting something like the decrease in teen pregnancy to levels not seen since the 40’s? Wow, sure missed that one. How about this one – new methods of early detection and treatment of breast cancer save over 100,000 lives every year? Ummm, missed that one too.

    Now for your consideration:
    – SETI (search for exterrestrial intellegence) detects non-random radio signals from a nearby star system.
    – North Korean leaders institute true open door policies and seek unification with the South in a mutual prosperity pact.
    – Cancer gene therapy virtually eliminates prostate cancer.
    – New antibiotic discovered that controls MERSA.
    – Pope meets with Islamic leaders to establish greater understanding in the search for peace. (maybe another 10 years out for this one)
    – Scientists overcome last hurdle and demonstrate that cold fusion is a viable option to nuclear fission for production of electricity.

    What do these all have in common? They come from the hard work and dedication of people to answer the unanswerable, solve the unsolvable and make the world we live in a better place.

    Nah, it’ll never happen.

    • actually there are three drugs that effectively fight MRSA(I know because I have used them all).
      Two of them are very cheap (clendomycian and bactrum), the third is an IV antibiotic, so if you don’t have health care coverage for it, then it will bleed you dry fast at over $100 a day. That one is Vancomyicin.

  12. Stock up on food, water and necessities now.

  13. If anyone would like to receive msg’s from Heaven
    about the ‘end times’ go to this Brazilian Seer has been receiving messages from Our Lady Queen of Peace three times per week for more than 20 years. Of the 150 msgs rcvd in 2010, ten percent were predictive. There is no charge or obligation to receive these messages. which are translated from Portugese to English by
    the web site. No one will contact you…….or use your email address…..Pedro Regis is a ‘Catholic’ Seer of Jewish descent.

    • there is NO english translation on that page

      • kat, at the top of each of the pages is a translation button. Just click on it and it will translate the page. You choose the language.

    • that website is the most depressing thing I’ve read in ages! Somehow I don’t think a ‘Queen of Peace’ would be talking only about pain and suffering over and over and over. Good grief! What a sad way to live.

    • If these are truly visions given by God, they wouldn’t only be 10% accurate, more like 100….

  14. Amen Ronnie Amen

  15. Negative shit breeds more of it! Keep it coming if you actually want it to happen! 2012 is a load a crap people, don’t believe the hype. And, if something wacky does happen then why can’t it mean something positive?

  16. 2011, my feeling on those who expect the world to end in 2012, dec 21st. so let it be, if the world is to really end, you and i have no control. no where to hide or run . no shelter under ground to save you, remenber earth quakes can’t escape. live your life and enjoy the good and try hard to have compsaion for everyone. so when it don’t end we may become decient people who know how to love and forgive/

    • Amen to that.I never believe all this hype we are feed by the news media or all the profets of doom and gloom

    • Well said ronnie….it would be so simple if man would only have practiced the 1st and 2nd comandments…love God first and then love your neighbour as you love yourself…how easy every thing would be…then again some people do not love themselves…so I suppose we would still have a problem…but yes we all should do the right things there will be no where to hide the monstrosities that are currently used by man as wepon and surely nature can also strike with a huge punch…Yes let us al live with love in our heart, do the right thing , enjoy life …and if it does not all fall apart …at least we would have learned how to live as God intended….

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