Ron Paul Warns of “Big Events” Coming

Ron Paul, Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate, warned Congress last Thursday of an impending “Big Event.” He warned of “chaos about to be unleashed” on economic and political system by globalist intervention and world empire.

Steve Watson,

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned the House that he is “convinced the time is now upon us that some Big Events are about to occur” that will cause liberty to go “into deep hibernation.”

Paul told the House: “These fast-approaching events will not go unnoticed. They will affect all of us. They will not be limited to just some areas of our country. The world economy and political system will share in the chaos about to be unleashed.”

“There are reasons to believe this coming crisis is different and bigger than the world has ever experienced. Instead of using globalism in a positive fashion, it’s been used to globalize all of the mistakes of the politicians, bureaucrats and central bankers.” Paul continued.

In one of Paul’s most memorable speeches to date, the Congressman spoke of rampant authoritarianism having replaced the principles of liberty that the United States was founded upon and warned that current empire building financed through inflation and debt signals a most frightening period in history.

“Our arrogance and aggressiveness have been used to promote a world empire backed by the most powerful army of history. This type of globalist intervention creates problems for all citizens of the world and fails to contribute to the well-being of the world’s populations. Just think how our personal liberties have been trashed here at home in the last decade.” Paul urged fellow representatives.


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  4. Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.AlfredA.MontapertAlfred A. Montapert

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