What U Need 2 Know

Week of November 17.
This may shape up to be a big week. Has the G20 club decided to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currenct? George Green thinks so. Of course, they won’t announce it, but watch the markets this week. They’re great at pricing-in future developments.
1) Big Market Meltdown starts around Wed., DOW likely to drop 2,000 pts. 
2) Don’t forget the two big quakes in mid-Dec, one in CA.
3) followed by “a major test of Obama” shortly after Jan. 20th, then
4) a late-winter and spring of steadily-worsening economic news, resulting in
5) the “summer from hell” with riots in the US, worst inflation in history, widespread unemployment.

Please prepare yourself for your family’s sake.

Massive inflation is headed our way in 2009.

The best inflation hedges are physical assets. The most portable of these is gold, silver and diamonds. Diamonds are tough to value. Gold & silver are simple. Get only 1 oz coins issued by the US Mint for highest safety. Percentage-wise silver will climb higher than gold as it is more rare (for the first time in history!). By 2011 gold will triple and silver will go up 10x from today’s prices. It may happen much sooner.

Don’t fret too much, just make preparations while there’s time. By 2012, Americans will be half as wealthy but twice as spiritual. Nice trade-off.

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4 Responses

  1. Scott, thanks for your reply. Your views are in line with Ben Fulford who also believes that the Illuminati will systematically reduce the global population. The mayan calender ends in 2012. Thanks, again. HO

  2. I can’t speak for why Jim has picked 2011, but here’s why my site is called Meltdown2011 instead of Meltdown2012 or even, as another reader suggested, Meltdown2008.

    The Short Answer

    The Hidden Powers are in control and they are executing a century-long plan for global domination that culminates in 2011. This plan has been adapted to account for a chilling discovery they made five decades ago: we are in the midst of an inter-related series of “natural” disasters that will reach a crescendo in 2012 with an “extinction level event.” With this impending earth-shaking cataclysm, most life on the face of the earth will be wiped out.

    The current financial crisis, as bad as it is, is not accidental. It is planned. It is further planned that current events are only one part of a “slow-motion” controlled meltdown of global financial systems, in concert with ever-increasing civil unrest and military confrontation. The final, intended result is significant worldwide population reduction to a “manageable” level with extensive monitoring and granular control over those souls remaining. The Hidden Powers see this as being necessary preparation for living together in subterranean confined quarters.

    With the remaining population “softened up” by a tsunami of fear and confusion, Humanity will cry out for safety, security and reassurance that someone can help. These huddled masses of Humanity will beg for leadership. The clock ticks over to 2011.

    The Hidden Powers will then unveil themselves as the Global Ruling Elite of a Sustainable Subterranean Earth.

    *** *** *** *** ***
    Please don’t “shoot the messenger.” I do not endorse these nefarious plans. I do not believe we face an extinction level event in 2012.

    I will write more on “The Long Answer” in a few days…

  3. Can you explain why 2011 is so significant. Jim Sinclair has been saying that gold will trade at $1650 by Jan 11, 2011.

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