October Alert, Part II

Last week I wrote about the October Alert that a vetted insider was giving of an impending event scheduled by the Hidden Powers the first 10 days in October. Here’s a recap of the latest info:

No further update from him since last week. In July he said the sequence of events will be:
1) The provocation by non-compliance in Iran
2) The upcoming attack on Iran
3) Intense repercussions on the USA
4) The IMF ‘overtly’ intervening in US financial matters via the Federal Reserve
5) The coming collapse of the dollar
6) A Wall Street breakdown to unbelievable lows.
Most recently he has said “I keep hearing that there is a rather urgent, well-orchestrated multi-faceted situation approaching by fall. A worldwide problem that will also include the financial community, at the very least a rapidly escalating world financial collapse on a magnitude never seen before.”
He continues, “We will begin to see more chaos after October, some going to the streets in heavy minority areas around the country… LA, Chicago, NY, etc. As I understand it, early October is dedicated to be the major shock month. Things are about to change even more drastically.”
“Personally, I will be surprised from what I have heard that there will even be an election. Let’s hope this is not the case, but right now I am not counting on there being one. The Crash (with major worldwide ramifications) will create such chaos that a “National Emergency” may be declared, suspending elections, and while they may not call it martial law, it will be a more aggressive form of a police state enforcement with foreign military brought in to do whatever it takes to establish control of the major populated areas of the country.”

Ron Paul
July 17 Ron Paul addressed Congress.
He warned the House that he is “convinced the time is now upon us that some Big Events are about to occur” that will cause liberty to go “into deep hibernation.”

George Green (former investment banker, multi-millionaire)
On July 18 one of our heroes, George Green, has already warned about war with Iran and financial collapse occurring around the end of the US’s fiscal year (Sept 30, 2008).
On Sept 2, George was asked about the possibilty of Bush 43 declaring a “National Emergency” and suspending elections before Nov. He pointed out it’s entirely at Bush’s whim to do so, but if he does, he has dictatorial control of the US for only 30 days. Then, according to current FEMA (Fed Emergency Mgmt Agency) rules, the UN will step in with troops to restore order. Who is in charge of these foreign (UN) troops? The second-in-command at the UN, a Russian.

-He also expects to see food shortages in the US beginning by November.
-George said the coming stock market crash will definitely be worse than 1929.
-His ET contacts tell him “the Bad Guys have already won and we need to get ourselves into small cities or on Indian reservations short-term. Longer-term the northern hemisphere will be a nuclear wasteland.”
-George’s plan to “bug out” to Equador remains; he’s just waiting until the last minute.
You can listen to the Sept 2 phone interview here.

Half Past Human
From the Project Camelot site.
Half Past Human, using its very unusual and creative predictive web bot technology, have identified 7 October as the date for a crucial event – preceded by a plateau of 11 days of tension starting on 27 September. The aftermath of the 7 October event, they say, will last till mid-February. They do not know what this is, save that’s it’s partly economic, partly military. They’re confident of their prediction, and note that this situation is totally unique in their experience.

They compare the five months of ‘release language’ they have identified on the net (in connection with the period of time following the incident) with the far shorter 10 or 11 days following 9/11. This implies the possibility of a far more major and impactful event or situation.

Half Past Human first got our attention at Camelot when they predicted regime change in Pakistan as far back as last February. President Musharraf, facing impeachment, resigned one day later than the exact date they had identified five months earlier.

Benjamin Fulford (former Forbes magazine reporter)
Benjamin believes Sept 30 may bring about govenrment disclosures on the true depth of the US’s budget deficits, and this may trigger a meltdown in the markets.

Juval Aviv (former Israeli Mossad agent)
In August 2008 Aviv said the next attack will come in a few months and will involve suicide bombers and non-suicide bombers in places that people congregate like Disneyland, Las Vegas, and big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.  It will be in shopping malls, subways at rush hour, train stations, casinos, and football stadiums, as well as in rural America in places like Wyoming and Montana.
The coming attack will be simultaneous detonations around the country in five to eight cities and the rural areas. This information is well known to the CIA and FBI and has been for years, but the US Federal Government is not saying anything publicly about it, in order not to alarm its citizens. He also says that the US response to this new attack will be for the US to attack both Iran and Syria in return and before Bush leaves office.

◊◊◊◊ Now: Gold @ $804.10, Silver @ $12.27, USDX @ 78.89 ◊◊◊◊
◊◊◊◊ Now: DJIA 11,220.96


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  1. Hmmm… no war, no food shortages, no riots, no attacks yet… maybe next month, or the month after, or the month after that…

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  3. […] 1 thing on this site…** – Dollar Death Warning  – Big Quake B4 WWIII, 6 Months 2 Amero – October Alert, Part II  – Code Red Emergency: Survival Measures Required   – >> How to Rate Your […]

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  6. Yea and GW will bug off to his compound down on the coast of South America…

  7. Juan, thanks for the info. The site Juan links to uses an astrological approach to predicting market reversals. This is not as strange as you might think; I’ve followed Merriman’s predictions for a few years.

    The site predicts “there will be a big scare in the global stock markets around the first week of October, 2008, but that governments (Saturn/Jupiter) will inject massive amounts of money into the markets that will buoy them up for a while longer.

    “Also, it is an even year. I think they will drop about 10 percent, then recover again in preparation for the huge double-crashes of 2009 and 2011. That is why I still maintain that the first big crash will be around August 14, 2009.”

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