Election Postponement Odds At 20-1 (Update 1)

Paddy Power, Ireland’s largest bookmaker, is taking bets on the US Presidential Election being postponed until 2009 or later. The odds started at 40 to 1. They are now at 20 to 1. [link]

Update: Oct. 15 Odds have increased to 16 to 1.

“Hawkeye”, a source from Project Camelot, has given us an insider’s warning to upcoming world events.
On July 8, 2008 he said:
“I keep hearing that there is a rather urgent, well-orchestrated multi-faceted situation approaching by fall. I hear about October, but the exact date I have not been able to learn: a worldwide problem that will also include the financial community, at the very least a rapidly escalating world financial collapse on a magnitude never seen before.”

On August 11, 2008 he added:
“…more worried right now about the next 90 days here, making preparation, etc… as things are about to get steadily worse, with a probable October crash economically and otherwise… perhaps some eventual civil conflicts when the system begins to come apart even more than today.”

“Personally, I will be surprised from what I have heard that there will even be an election. Let’s hope this is not the case, but right now I am not counting on there being one. The Crash (with major worldwide ramifications) will create such chaos that a “National Emergency” may be declared, suspending elections, and while they may not call it martial law, it will be a more aggressive form of a police state enforcement with foreign military brought in to do whatever it takes to establish control of the major populated areas of the country.” [more…]

So far, “Hawkeye’s” predictions are kinda uncanny…


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