AntiChrist #3 to Head US Navy

I admit this is funny in a “No way, it can’t really be happening” kind of way. I woke up to this headline:


Now, any of you Nostradamus scholars out there understand the import of the headline. Nostradamus predicted three AntiChrists, their names encoded within anagrams or other obfuscations.

The following info is from Nostradamus scholar John Hogue’s fascinating web site. (John Hogue is one of the world’s foremast Nostradamus experts and has appeared in this capacity on History Channel documentaries.)

AntiChrist No. 1: “PAU, NAY, LORON”
napoleon_100x172Nostradamus code-named him “PAU, NAY, LORON.” All in uppercase. An obvious decoding would give us three towns in southwestern France: Pau, Nay and (O)loron. The rest of the prophecy strays the subject away from three villages to describe a human being. The upper-case presentation is a literary nudge in our sides to envisage a person’s name hidden in the letters spelling three towns.


“Roy” is French for “King”. His name encoded is “Napoleon King”


An Emperor will be born near Italy, He will cost his Empire very dearly: He is less a prince than a butcher. – Nostradamus (1555)

AntiChrist No. 2: “Hister”
hitler_100x135Nostradamus code-named the second Antichrist “Hiƒter” — or “Hister” with a Gothic “s” — after the ancient name of the River Danube, which is the Ister. Nostradamus spells it with its most arcane variant Hister as some specific hint. Again, there’s a pattern to follow here. This “Danube” finds itself a thing representing a person mentioned as Hister in five prophecies containing similar story lines.

He becomes the “Captain of Greater Germany” born in Noricum (the ancient name for Austria). He will have a “crooked cross” as his symbol: the Swastika. The people of “Irale” (an anagram for Israel) would be sent as captives into a great furnace by this “Hister.”

It seems Nostradamus saw the boy who grew up on the banks of the Hister (Danube) River in Linz, Austria, dreaming of concentration camps for the Jews, Nostradamus’ kin, to be sent up in ash clouds.


AntiChrist No. 3: “Mabus”
Nostradamus gave the Third Antichrist the following code name. He’s Mabus. A number of notorious contemporary figures, still living or recently dead from the Middle East can see their names spelled in the Mabus code. But there also are other leaders from the West, deeply entangled in Middle Eastern turmoil, a current US president and a charismatic candidate who could be his successor whose names also easily decode out of Mabus, making the search for the right candidate the most provocative and topical challenge presented by Nostradamus for our present times.

3rd-antichrist_100x149Though his true name is occulted, the Third Antichrist’s destiny is made clear. Unlike the first two, he is the first to die in a war he initiates at the sign of a comet, or a rocket falling out of the skies:

World War III begins when Mabus dies a sudden death.

His act of terror unites a hundred nations in a war against what Nostradamus calls three Eastern kings secretly allied in opposition to the West. They would use piracy (hijacking?), ambush and subterfuge to wage war.

Know the war has begun when hollow mountains of a great New City (yet to be built in Nostradamus’ day) at latitude 45 in an unborn country he called Americh or Amorica, will be attacked by a fire in the sky. The hollow mountains crafted by man will be seized and plunged into the boiling cauldron of their own debris clouds.

After this happens, we will be living in the days of the last Antichrist. [more]

How ironic (and, admittedly, meaningless) that our Secretary of Defense may soon have a direct-report named Mabus who will be in the line of succession for the President of the United States.

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forrestalA previous Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal, was likely murdered when he threatened to go public over the Roswell Incident against the wishes of his compatriots in Majestic 12 in May 1949. FYI the alleged alien captives sequestered in Area 51 are under the jurisdiction of ONI, Office of Naval Intelligence.


7 Responses

  1. Ma B US we are starting WWIII when the the hollow mountains of the Twin Towers came down suddenly when the anti Christ flew into them and died uniting the three kings along the 45th parrelell Korea, China, and any Arab (Mecca?) interest. They are using hijacking drugs and piracy to fund terrorism on Free World interest. We are in a time of decline and we must turn to Christ for our hope and not try to look for ghouls in the woodwork.

  2. The hollow mountains are made in the distant future by the hands of those tired of modern cities and law.
    The Hister will be their name and calling

    Microwave drill technology was created at Tel aviv university.
    This technology can be used to hollow out a mountain.

    Anything once in a molten state can be returned to said molten state.

  3. The truth might startle those that have not seen the events that are to lead to this conclusion. In fact it is only a theory that can not be proven by conventional means or otherwise. I am not stating that there is not any information in it I am only saying that I know more than I am willing to tell.

  4. I think a latitude of 40 for New York City was close enough with the Twin Towers fitting the description of hollow mountains made by man.

  5. Mabus maybe “Mabus”,

    Thanks for the article, Scott. Plenty of food for thought here.
    Mabus has been hanging out with all the wrong people;
    the CFR and the Rand Group.
    Three kings from the East? China, Russia, Japan…
    City on 45th latitude? Portland, OR., Montreal or Ottawa, Canada.

    Who needs elections? Just insert your smiling political operative
    in a position where he can push the button.

    Rocket falling from the sky? Pending North Korean long range missile test to be followed by medium and short range.

    The bad guys play their cards, but the good guys always trump in the end. Maybe Mabus’ mission for massive mayhem may be mis-placed
    by miracles. Either way, sounds like a good time to stock up on water,
    food, ammo, and precious metals, if you havn’t already.
    Nostradamus Prophesied Mabus 459 years ago with correct spelling.

    • True that.Just knowing living in the world with him is a trip. But…Shit happens. We just got to be prepared for the worst. I work in the air force and met alot of people named
      do. But its eronic that ive never met a mabus..Weird?But i get alot of questions that involving what i fly and stuff about aliens.Ha,i used to work in area 51 but i dont any more and i get asked if the aliens have somthing to do with the end of the world?!hahaha

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