Poll: When Will Markets Hit Bottom?

martin-feldsteinMany expect an “Inauguration Bounce” in the markets that may last 8 weeks or so. But this guy, who might be in a position to know, says we likely won’t have a true bottom in the markets this year.

The current U.S. downturn could easily drag on for the rest of this year, renowned economist Martin Feldstein said on Sunday.

“The current downturn is likely to last much longer than previous downturns.… We will be lucky to see the recession end in 2009,” Feldstein, former president of the National Bureau of Economic Research, said at the American Economics Association annual meeting in San Francisco. [link]

Who is Martin Feldstein? He’s Harvard Economist and President Emeritus of the “National Bureau of Economic Research”–the group that “officially” declares when we enter and leave a recession.

I say the markets won’t be back until MUCH later (adjusted for the coming hyper-inflation) Quit DOW Now! Come Back On Jan 6, 2025.

I mention his thoughts because of his influential position. He’s also cozy with the Rockefeller-founded Council on Foreign Relations–so you’ve got to ask “what’s his agenda?” In the article above he advocates increased spending for the military & FBI.


This poll is closed.


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