Week of Jan 5, 2009

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Vaporize COMEX
button-vaporize-comex-white-backCOMEX did not “go bust” last month.
The new  Chart: COMEX Gold Inventory I posted shows it was not even close. Let me be the first to call myself an idiot… [link]
Also see the latest silver inventory levels at Chart: COMEX Silver Inventory.

What U Need 2 Know
Remember the “Twin Quakes” forecast for the time period between Dec 10 and Jan 15 [4Cast: Quakes Within Weeks]? The WebBot guys had a bit of a track record going on previous predictions BUT no big quakes yet. Their most recent prediction (late Nov) stated they were most likely to occur mid-December, although their “official” window from Aug 2008 said as late as Jan 15, 2009.

Sure looks like they missed this one, as the largest “twin quakes” were in China. Although at the correct latitude, they didn’t manage to get above 4-point-something. A miss. Which could be a good thing in more than just the obvious meaning: if this prediction would have been right their next one called for increasingly dire economic and military news for the next 5 months culminating in “The Summer from Hell” afterward.

Update: a reader pointed out these twin quakes of magnitude 7.6 and 7.5 in Indonesia over the weekend. [link] The timing and magnitude seem to fit, but the WebBot Guys missed the latitude by 32 degrees, and there were no widespread social impacts. Close, but I reckon I’ll keep the cigar in my pocket for now…

They don’t claim to be perfect*, so they could still be right on some of their predictions, but they just dropped a notch in my book. I’ll keep an eye on things for you!

*I respect them for going on national radio and calling the quake prediction “our ‘Worst Prediction of 2008’.”

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