Poll: What Are You Invested In?

If you’re reading this, chances are you don’t have much of your available financial resources invested in the stock market. What “hard assets” are you invested in right now?


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Week of Jan 12, 2009

Do the last 8 years feel like they’ve dragged on 4ever? Here’s photographic proof why…
Fail to the Chief, Episode One

Landmark Post
What if you had been warned over 3 years ago about the worldwide financial Armageddon currently unfolding?

material-success-sidebar65x201I was.

The impetus for this site came from a booklet of financial advice and warnings for the future published in 2005 by J. Donald Walters. For the first time I’m posting extensive excerpts from this work. IT IS A MUST-READ.

So far it has been chillingly accurate in the predictions it made three and a half years ago, when prosperity reigned and the future looked bright. Find out what else it forecasts, and the advice it offers to weather the coming financial hurricane.
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 1
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 2
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 3
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 4
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 5

Meltdown Poll
Hard assets offer a safe haven during times of market turmoil. Poll: What Are You Invested In?

Vaporize COMEX
button-vaporize-comex-white-backCOMEX controls the paper price of gold and silver, and encourages manipulation by gov’t agents as a method of supporting the dollar through suppression of the price of gold and silver. Once COMEX inventories are sufficiently depleted this manipulation will end, freeing the price of precious metals.

Follow the progress:
Chart: COMEX Gold Inventory 
Chart: COMEX Silver Inventory.


Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 1 KEY INFO
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Sober Prediction for Nov. 2009 
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